the legal family, Zoroaster, Abu Hafs al-Kabir al-Bukhari, Imam al-Bukhari, Ubaydullakhodja Asadullakhodjaev, “Avesta,” “Qazayo as- sahabati vat-tobein.”


Lawyers, history, and jurisprudence.
These closely related categories are the main focus of the article. This article is about legal families, the first lawyers, and the first scientific- legal works in the history of our country. It contains a scientific analysis of historical sources and information, the history of the activities of lawyers, world-renowned scientific- legal works.
In particular, lawyers, their scientific and practical legal activities are accepted as legal values and studied systematically, separately, and in chronological order. The article provides a general scientific analysis of the history of the legal system of our country, summarizing the results of research conducted within each legal family. In particular, in the order Zoroaster – “Avesta,” Imam al-Bukhari – work of “Qazayo as-sahobati vat-tobein,” Ubaydullahoja Asadullahojayev ‒ his practical and legal activity. The article offers practical suggestions on perpetuating the name of these lawyers and the worthy award and appreciation of the legacy of scientific-legal works that have come down to us, as well as their research and in-depth scientific study.



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Nazarov, O. (2021) “HISTORY AND JURISPRUDENCE: HISTORY AND JURISPRUDENCE”, TSUL Legal Report International electronic scientific journal, 2(1), pp. 23-32. Available at: https://legalreport.tsul.uz/index.php/journal/article/view/42 (Accessed: 1March2024).



12.00.01 – Theory and history of state and law. History of legal education

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