Place and role of leadership in legal practice and system of law sciences


  • Otabek Nazarov Tashkent state university of law


leadership, legal leadership, legal psychology, the fight against organized crime


The results of the comprehensive reforms implemented in our country in recent years are also evident in the field of jurisprudence. Changes in the national legal system of the country require further improvement of the process of training lawyers. Today, we all know that the formation and development of leadership skills and abilities in future lawyers is of paramount importance. The article analyzes the leadership characteristics of lawyers as one of the subjects in the field of legal sciences, such as criminology, criminalistics, legal psychology. The importance of leadership in combating and preventing crime has been analyzed with experience and practical examples gained in a number of areas, including the fight against economic crime and the fight against organized crime.

The article also draws on scientific and theoretical conclusions, scientific and practical suggestions and recommendations based on the results of the analysis of legal leadership.


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Nazarov, O. . (2020) “Place and role of leadership in legal practice and system of law sciences”, TSUL Legal Report International electronic scientific journal, 1(1). Available at: (Accessed: 19October2021).



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