General information

1. This Regulation is approved by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan «On the Mass Media», by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 28, 2017 No. PK-2932 «On measures to radically improve and increase the effectiveness of education at Tashkent State Law University». TSUL Legal Report is an international electronic scientific journal organized by the Tashkent State University of Law (hereinafter - the founder) in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated October 8, 2019 No. PF-5 847 «On approval of the Concept for the development of higher education in the Republic of Uzbekistan until 2030» (hereinafter - the scientific journal) defines the goals and objectives of the journal, its principles, the procedure for organizing the editorial board, as well as the rights and obligations of the members of the editorial board;

2. The working group for the including of the University in the list of higher educational institutions (hereinafter referred to as universities) in the top 1000 places in the ranking of internationally recognized organizations is the editorial board of a scientific journal (hereinafter referred to as the editorial board). The editorial office is funded by the founder;

3. The scientific journal is funded by founders;

4. Name and type of media: TSUL Legal Report is an Internet website, an international electronic scientific journal. The media will be published only in English;

5. The fundamental principles of journals publishing:

  • Compliance with publishing and editorial ethics;

  • Compliance with the guidelines when rejecting articles;

  • Prevention of damaging intellectual and ethical standards if there are commercial interests;

  • Prevention of publishing of plagiarized articles and fraudulent data;

  • Readiness, if necessary, to publish corrections, clarifications, rejections and apologies.

6. The main purpose of the scientific journal is to study the ongoing legal reforms in the Republic of Uzbekistan, increase the international prestige of the university, increase the prestige of scientists, professors, doctoral candidates, independent researchers in international scientific circles, including «Academic writing skills» and presentation of domestic and foreign experience in regulating legal relations;

7. The main tasks of the scientific journal are: to cover the content and essence of ongoing legal reforms in the Republic of Uzbekistan in English; publication of series of comments to the adopted normative legal acts; coverage of domestic and foreign experience of law enforcement practice; to create opportunities for scientific exchange and competition among lawyers at the national and global levels; to promote the reputation of the university internationally;

8. Specialization of the scientific journal: publication of scientific and practical materials in the field of law in English;

9. Frequency of publication of a scientific journal is 1 time in 3 months, 4 issues per year;

10. The volume of the scientific journal - A4 sheet, in PDF format, up to 200 pages. The number of downloaded copies is not limited;

11. Editorial office address: Tashkent, st. Sayilgoh, 35. Index 100047.